Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Virus in the Net

Swine flu has finally spread to cyberspace. Shocking as it may seem, visitors to INMI, the Japanese infectious disease center, have begun receiving mails titled "Information about Swine Flu," which reportedly contain computer viruses. No explanation has been given as to how the virus harms PCs.

I usually take virus news light heartedly and always with a smile. Despite the harm they cause, they are also a symbol of human ingenuity for me. But this time, I have to say it is plain wicked, unnecessary and evil. We are on the verge of a serious epidemic and people are just trying to be a little more informed. Would it not be better if we tried to help them instead?

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Anonymous said...

The people who write these viruses will use any technique to deliver them. And sadly, many people still do not understand that you should not open anything from somebody they do not know and trust. But, that is the way of the world!

I wonder what kind of affect this will have on computers?

Archiver said...

The delivery method used this time is unfortunately very smart. Soon after you visit Japanese disease center, an e-mail about swine flu shows up in your inbox. Naturally a considerable amount of people assume there is an update from the Center and...

There can be an update about the effect of the virus but it will most probably be in Japanese. I will check it from time to time.

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