Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus from Mercedes

mercedes benz fuel cell hybrid bus
Renown auto maker Mercedes-Benz will start offering hybrid buses under the brand of "Citaro" soon. The bus will be be manufactured under the initiative of Daimler's "Shaping Future Transportation" with an aggressive target of zero emission.

The initiative started in the mid 90s first with diesel-electric hybrids and continued with today's fuel celled ones (lithium-ion) as part of a research project called NEBUS.

The reason I am interested in this technology is because I favor hybrids more than hydrogen-based vehicles where food supplies are at stake. It seems to me using plants or crops to generate energy is a bad idea. They are scarce or will be so in the near future.

I am not into car tech and I could get it all wrong. So, take it with a grain of salt.


Intelligence said...

I saw this study that proved a lot of environmentally friendly technologies actually produced more pollution while they were being made than they actually offset once they are sold to consumers. I wonder if this is the case. I couldn't imagine how much these buses cost. Mercedes makes NICE buses.

Archiver said...

An interesting article pointing to the pitfalls of blindly adhering recycling by Michael Munger, Chair of Political Science at Duke University also discusses the issue you mentioned:

Think Globally, Act Irrationally: Recycling.

"The claims for recycling rest on an assumed, if not always articulated, moral imperative rather than on trade-offs or costs. But underlying this claim, for many people at least, is some murky idea that recycling 'uses up' fewer resources than making things from scratch."

A good read, recommended.

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