Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Pink Internet is Soon Due

Four Google executives in Italy is facing trial over a video shown in that country. If found guilty, they will be sentenced up to three years in jail.

This is an interesting case. Let me sum up:
  • The video recorded by a cell phone was about four male high school students in Turin harassing a 17-year-old boy with Down syndrome.
  • Google removed the video in 24 hours after receiving the complaint.
  • All four offenders were caught, possibly with the help of the video.
  • The lawsuit is not against Google but the people working for Google.
As you might have guessed it, what makes this interesting is the last item in the list above. Apparently, it is getting riskier to work for Internet companies as you can all of a sudden find yourself looking at the judge because,
  1. a co-worker slipped and some unwanted content is uploaded;
  2. some may think you deliberately allow the content be distributed;
  3. you did not remove the content right away and spent some time with your family instead;
  4. this will teach everybody a lesson.
Seriously, I am all fed up with people trying to regulate something that cannot be regulated. Since the new Internet protocol IP6 is soon due, why don't we allocate a sufficient number of IP addresses and call it "The Pink Internet" so that everyone is happy? It must be trivial to make sure that no packets will be routed from one Internet (the dark one) to the pinkie one and vice versa.


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