Friday, January 30, 2009

Zombie Alert in Texas

traffic signs hack in austin texas 
Here is my nominee for best hack of the current year. Traffic signs in Austin, Texas have been hacked by a group of anonymous horror movie enthusiasts!

The electronic signs at Lamar and Martin Luther King Jr. boulevards had a surprise for today's drivers. For starters, they were not boring. One could even say they were stimulating. Do not ask me what they stimulate! The signs read this morning "Caution! Zombies Ahead.", "Run for Cold Climates", "The End is Near", "Nazi Zombies Run!"

A good thematic selection, I should say; horror, environmental, apocalyptic, and classic WW-II.

Don't drink and drive!


Intelligence said...

I stumbled upon how to hack into a road sign. The link is here I just hope the sign wasn't for something important.

Archiver said...

I have just found the time to check the link you gave; very informative, indeed.

Like most intelligent (!) devices, be it a computer or a road sign, once you have physical access to device, most protection schemes are likely to fail, or there will be a way to go around them. This case is no exception.

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