Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where to Find Un-Collectables: NUCA

nuca network of un-collectible artists
Web is a fun place. What is not imaginable twenty years ago becomes achievable at the push of a button. As publishing software improves, contributing to the cyberspace gets easier, even for the novice. The creative genie is out of its bottle in spite of all the efforts of some. This is from the web site of NUCA,  Network of Un-Collectable Artists :

NUCA is a nation-wide affiliation connecting those who gravitate towards ephemeral projects, participatory experiences, illegal art actions, and activities that oddify everyday life. Some members make unwieldy installation projects, while others alter billboards, project images in abandoned spaces at night, or exchange ideas rather than objects. Some simply make dead ugly paintings that would never sell.

Because such artworks are often fiendishly tricky to document, they seldom grace the columns of "recognized" publications. NUCA is building a publicity machine of its own, so artists may exchange essential info about their activities, collaborate on new projects, and connect with Uncollectable others.

Go join the ranks of NUCA. Decrease entropy,  increase anarchy!


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