Friday, January 16, 2009

Meet Thom Creed, Your Gay Super Hero

are batman and robin gay
Stan Lee of Marvel Comics (the creator of Spider Man, Hulk and the X-Men for the uninitiated) has taken up the main character of the book Hero by Perry Moore [B&N] and is heading for prime time TV in addition to kiosks. As Gay Patriot notes, Thom (with an h) Creed is not really the world’s first gay superhero and not even the first under the Marvel brand, but he is the first to have his own TV show and will be the most promoted.

Moore's Hero tells the very comic-book-inspired story of a teenager named Thom and his exciting, frightening and courageous journey as a new superhero - a new superhero who just happens to also be gay. Not only is this a wonderful novel filled with great archetypal superhero homages galore, but it is also a true "coming out" story for a new generation. It's a straightforward story that never apologizes for its main character's homosexuality. In fact, throughout most of the book, the reader is so immersed in the playfully familiar and fantastic world that the whole "gay" thing takes a backseat to the action and adventure.

In the book, Creed has an unusual super power: healing. Compared to the more familiar powers that comic book readers are accustomed to, this looks like utterly boring but Moore created wonders with it. It is not yet known or rather is a closely guarded secret what kind of powers Stan Lee will prefer for Thom Creed but speculations, some lame some pure joke, are abound. Allegedly, Thom Creed can bend his wrist which will tastefully redecorate the interior of a building, causing momentary confusion among the bad guys while he binds them in chains and leather. Creed's cape is by Versace, while he forgoes the usual hood for an impenetrable layer of gel. Like Superman's phone booth, Thom's superpowers are at full strength after emerging from a closet.

I think Thom Creed will be a huge financial success.


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