Thursday, January 15, 2009

Khan Dies at 88 But His Wrath Remains

Ricardo Montalban, the Corinthian leader of the Star Trek episode "Space Seed" and the second movie "The Wrath of Khan" died in his Los Angeles home yesterday. I would very much like to attach a short video as a tribute for all the Star Trek fans around but Paramount Pictures is unnecessarily touchy about copyright these days.

star trek city on the edge of forever
What made Star Trek such a success? I thought about it a lot. For example, despite its popularity, I have never liked Star Wars. Laser swords, the Force, good and evil, flight and fight scenes, they hardly appealed to me. Trek was different. Disguised beneath a sci-fi cover -poor by today's standards-, we watched centuries old dilemmas of the humanity in the series. From religion to philosophy, politics to economy, human mind to anthropology, everyone could find something.

My favorite Star Trek episode was "The City on the Edge of Forever". I'd like to know yours.


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