Monday, December 29, 2008

Options for Celebrating the New Year

Have you ever spent the last day of the year on-line? Instead of partying, hitting the streets or freezing your privates out in the snow (this obviously rules out the people of the southern hemisphere), have you tried celebrating the New Year in front of your computer in peace and tranquility?

Well, before you call the men in white coats let me explain. It happened to me once, about 5 years ago if my memory serves me right. Surprisingly, I was not alone. There were quite a number of souls who were in need of psychiatric help apparently. I will go on and say - at the risk of being called anti-social, cynical, narcissist or a similarly appropriate term for the occasion - I enjoyed it very much. For reasons I will not go into, I had to stay home and rather than watching TV and testing the alcohol barrier, I punched the keys until the early hours of the day while the fan was humming gently in the background, trying to cool the system.

This is for those who will spend the evening of December 31 in front of their computers for whatever reason. You are not alone! Been there, done that.


Intelligence said...

I don't usually do anything for new years. I think I actually slept through the last 2 new years as a matter of fact. It's just another day. I would like to go to Times Square one new year though :)

Archiver said...

I also did not spend a New Year at Times Square. Think, it is one of the places in the world where New Year is celebrated true to its spirit.

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