Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Controlling CSS Images in Blogger

Every now then we feel the urge to change our templates in our blogs. This can be out of necessity (we might need a bigger area to upload images), because we get bored with the previous template or upon discovering a new one which complements the topics we write about or our style.

Regardless of the platform you use, be it Blogger, Wordpress, Evolution etc, switching to a new template is trivial. But, unlike for instance Wordpress where the images come in its own folder with the template, Blogger images are usually stored in free picture hosts. Pictures hosted at such places can cause you trouble in future:
  • Uploader's account can be deleted for any reason.
  • Such hosts often impose bandwidth restrictions and you can suddenly see warning messages in your blog, or no images at all.
  • Template writer can accidentally delete those images.
A good way and a neat trick is writing a post like this, uploading all those CSS images to your Picasa album and change the image addresses in your stylesheet at your convenience later. This way, not only you will have a back up of them, you can even improve the speed of your blog.



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