Saturday, November 15, 2008

Piksel08: Code Dreams - Bergen, 4-7 December 2008

expanded eye by Anaisa Franco
How does code dream? What are dreams of code?

Piksel08 examines the other side of code, an alternative side to a hard-coded reality of work and play. Open hardware and free software project a utopic vision, yet exist within economies of capital, the dream factory of mainstream technology. Within the chance meeting of sewing machine and umbrella on the dissecting table, hardware and software are flattened.

Piksel08: code dreams explores the dreams of this soft machine; bachelors coding for pleasure, reverse engineering paranoiac constructs of the real, automatic coding practice, soft hardware, and everyday magic.
 Also spracht Piksel's informative page about this year's event, Piksel08, where artists and developers working with Free/Libre and Open Source audiovisual software and hardware will congregate in Bergen, Norway this year.

If you are around, do not forget to take a look. There is also a live CD of last year's event ready for download at the site.

Image: Expanded Eye by Anaisa Franco which will be displayed at the exhibition.


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