Monday, November 17, 2008

Comment Luv: The Only Plug-in I Love

Excluding its simplicity, a big plus, Blogger has some disadvantages over other free blogging platforms. It heavily relies on JavaScript (this quite plain site ships 100,034 bytes of JS) rather than server side scripting, i.e. PHP or Perl, it claims to be XHTMl 1.0 strict, yet the very first script Google flushes breaks the validation, resulting in 461 errors, 164 warnings for this very site. These problems inevitably slow down loading of the pages and design concerns for running an efficient blog become even more critical.

Now, I can live with extensive use of client side scripting (JavaScript) and 461 errors because there is nothing I can do about them and modern browsers are really fault tolerant (which makes them less secure, too). But I can not live without Comment Luv. It is the coolest, sweetest idea in the whole blogosphere. It is trivial to install it on a, say, wordpress blog.

When I found out that there was a Comment Luv plug-in for Blogger, I had to try it. And I did. I was expecting problems but not this. It immediately screwed up the custom template I was using. I first thought it was a script incompatibility so I disabled all plug-ins using JavaScript and tried it again. Nope, the beast was resilient. I checked a few forums, made a few Google queries but no solutions. I decided to sleep over it (it was late).

Next day, I compared the two templates, my original one and the JS-Kit processed one. The only difference was a few lines of code in the commenting section and honestly I could not see why these lines would break the template. But I wanted Luv.

So, I picked up one of the ready-made templates, rearranged a few things (basically the width) and tried it again. And, success! I hope. I made a test comment and it worked.

For those who can not live without it, try it with your current template first. If it works, cool, you are luckier than me. If it does not, choose a template from Google's offerings, it should work.


Web Hosting Packages said...

I used to have my blog on blogger and if I had known about CommentLuv then, I might have kept it. I have it on my new wordpress blogs and I love it. I hope your readers get as much benefit from commentLuv I have on my blogs.

Archiver said...

A good way to integrate JS-Kit to Blogger is when you have your own domain hosted there, otherwise the comments will not be indexed with your own URLs by search engines.

Still, the extra JS is taxing on the blog, therefore I do not implement it here.

Overall, CommentLuv is a very good plug-in, a must-have if you have a Wordpress blog.

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