Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mobile Nightmare on Life Street

I missed the computer revolution by a few years. True, I could have caught up if I had really wanted to (this statement is not entirely true) but I was in the wrong place and Madame Fortune had swung me on a different path.

I tried to find and correct the missing pieces in the years to come and to a great extent I was successful. Barring programming, I can almost do anything on/with a PC.

Then came the next revolution: the mobile phone. I did not like it very much. Maybe this can be attributed to my age at that time. I do not remember where I read it but it was something like this: humans are quick and eager to grasp (and use) innovations only up to a certain age. Then, we tend to be more conservative. So, apart from its basic and originally intended use, i.e. talking, I hardly use a mobile phone. I usually find it impractical.

I did not make a fuss or give a second thought about it until I decided to observe how people and friends around me used their computers. Their interaction with a PC was almost limited to reading mails and spending time in Facebook, Twitter, etc. Guess what? You do not need a PC for such activities. A mobile phone is more than enough.

You can argue that a computer is much better suited to use within the confines of your home because it has a bigger screen but one day, a genius will find (or already have found) a simple way to connect a mobile phone to a monitor or a TV and poof: you do not need a PC any more.

Honestly this is creeping me out. I have spent considerable time musing over the cultural and social implications of this transition, but I can not say I am happy. The whole process emphasizes being connected, yet I feel more detached each passing day.


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