Thursday, April 23, 2009

Searching What is Thought

Yesterday, I finally took the plunge and registered an account with Twitter. Since you had to follow at least one person, or so I assumed, I picked Onion, only to regret it approximately ten minutes later. True to its fame, Onion was at the top of its form and more than 100 tweets filled my home page in no time. You can waste/spend your entire life by following Onion only. Despite the fact that I follow the magazine for years, I will delete it.

Another side effect is my account seems to have been all screwed up, today. Apparently I am somebody else now, a Frank Grangetto to be exact, a Matt Schwartzwalder and Rachel Leggett are both me, and whatever... Leave it to another day to sort it out.  

This experiment provided me some insight, though. Search engines make a very good job of what they are supposed to make: searching what is already written. But how do you search what is thought but not written? For that I believe, Twitter can be a very good alternative.

I had this novel but possibly not new idea of setting up landing pages for your blog. Failing to come up with other than a few basic ideas, I wrote a tweet pointing to the post in the hopes that somebody can make a contribution of some sort, either by leaving a reply or adding a comment to the post.

This whole process is the area where Twitter may rise and shine, after they correct their problems with account management, of course: finding what others think, sparks to expand later, so and so forth. Now, my Twitter persona (Frank) who seems to be in the real estate business, is frantically tweeting new opportunities and Matt and Rachel (i.e. the real me) are fortunately silent. Following me(s) can be entertaining.

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Intelligence said...

I follow the onion too, they were the first non-person I followed after joining twitter. That and CNN. The Onion only makes a few tweets a day. I think you just got bombarded with all their last tweets.

I think twitter is having a lot of problems right now, possibly due to a sudden spike in activity. It's better than it was a couple weeks ago though, hopefully this will al be worked out soon.

melissa said...

I follw the onion too! You should try following some famous people like Ashton Kutcher or Demi Moore. Although it is very sweet (or, um, vain?) of them to open up their lives to the twitterverse, sometimes they start talking politics or religion and their not so high intellects begin to show. They might want to stick to acting instead of preaching from a twitter pulpit, but who am I?

Archiver said...

The only reason I can think of for following Kutchner and Moore on Twitter is actually their views on politics, religion or anything other than acting really. Their tweets on such topics are better than Onion's! :-)

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