Monday, March 9, 2009

Social Bookmarking

It is no secret that I am not a big fan of social bookmarking. Don't get me wrong, I love sharing stuff with friends. I simply missed the train of stumbling, twitting and whatnot; or to put it more correctly, I had gotten used to a system of my own long before social media services were scattered all around the web.

Yet, they have been a fact of our lives. I have just added a few bookmarking buttons here in the hope that they will be useful to those who are accustomed to the phenomenon and can't live without it. I hope I did the coding right. I included a few bookmarking sites which I thought to be popular and beneficial.

The real purpose of this post, however, is to thank the developer Joost de Valk of Sociable, a popular Wordpress plug-in. I sort of shared his styling and ported here.

I really do not like others where, after an accidental mouse over a pop up springs up, an event I find highly distracting. Others make a call home and if there is a problem there, your blog begins to crawl.


Intelligence said...

Hmm I never thought about putting multiple social book marks on my site. I am currently making the transition from blogger to wordpress. I will definitely get that plug-in installed. I only use delicious for bookmarking personally.

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