Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blank the Movie Released on Bittorrent

blank movie f┼črst torrent release
Here comes a new and brave experiment in the wild wild web:

Annodam Films has released the feature film 'Blank' from writer director Rick L. Winters, with leading characters played by D'Angelo Midili, Darlene Sellers, Jason Adkins on March 21, 2009 on several popular torrent sites for everyone to enjoy. It is our concept that if people like the movie they will go back and make a donation or purchase the movie at, thus allowing us to make another film and release it in the same manner. After the end credits of the movie BLANK there will be a trailer for one of the next feature films we are planning to film and release Peer to Peer.

The thing that makes this film unique is that it is a co-op based concept where the entire cast and crew worked on a deferred percentage of the films gross. In other words, the cast and crew own a percentage of the films gross, so the profits are not going to Hollywood executives but instead into the pockets of the filmmakers themselves. Again the objective is to use profits from this film to make another movie and release it in the same manner. No one should have to pay for a film they did not like. No one should be denied the right to enjoy the art of film.

I sincerely wish to see more ventures like this and their success.


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