Monday, February 16, 2009

Burhan Marketing

buy vista get a free update to windows 7
Burhan was a phenomenon, to say the least. He was the most successful "on board" marketer doing business on the ferries crossing the Bosphorus. He was so popular that people deliberately delayed their purchases to see what he would be selling  on that day's voyage. His secret?
  • quality merchandise
  • money back guarantee
  • and above all, an interesting combination of goods.
Last item on the list was particularly important. He never sold a single item alone. There was first the prime product of the day, the flagship so to speak, and a secondary one, which was definitely intriguing. It was hard to resist the temptation. The bargain was there, together with the trust which was earned over the course of years Burhan conducted his business, a track record hard to beat. He refused all offers to build a company, saying he was making more than enough. He really was.

Microsoft is planning a campaign or so I have heard, a free update to Windows 7 for buyers of Vista, which reminded me Burhan. But the similarity ends here. The flagship product sucks and the secondary product is a promise. Burhan would probably do better.


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