Tuesday, February 3, 2009

500 Rupee/10 Dollar Laptop from India

xo pc of olpc project
Too good to be true? Well, after 100 thousand rupee (2000 usd) car Tata Nano, 800 rupee (15 usd) L10 mobile phone, apparently India managed to make a 10 dollar laptop, in spite of criticism by many experts.

The concept of cheap laptops which will abridge the big digital divide between rich and poor, is the dream child of Prof. Nicholas Negraponte of MIT with his OLPC, One Laptop Per Child Project. The OLPC's XO PC costs roughly 200 dollars and has been sort of a huge success in South American countries.

The Sakshat laptop PC, if true can really be a dream come true for many living in undeveloped countries.

Like in every wonderful story, there is a catch. I have seen some sources citing the price of Sakshat as 5000 rupees or 100 dollars. We shall see the actual price tomorrow at the press conference. Still, even a hundred dollar price tag is good enough.


Drunken Dragon said...

Nice. When it launch?

Archiver said...

The conference was yesterday and the laptop turned out to be a bust. It is like a hard disk with some extra features, anything but a computer really. It can make some calculations, though.

Archiver said...

Update: I have found a picture of the cheap laptop, Sakshat.

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