Friday, January 2, 2009

To All the Unseen Behind the Gates

A Poem by Brian Routh, from 2005.

Cyber Me

I upload myself to the computer to see just how I look
Am I a person or am I a book?
On the hard drive I look so fine and slick
Better get it on the website double quick.

Is it me is it not?
Who am I... I forgot.

How many megabytes am I?
'Trigabytes!' I hear my laptop cry.

Now I am in my system folder
Buried deep and so much older.
Try to find me if you can
Ask Jeeves or Google if I'm the man?

I live forever in Cyberspace
An epitaph to the human race
No longer am I flesh and bone
But numbers in the computer zone.

A JPEG here a PDF there
I'm FTP'd everywhere.

Upload, download, refresh, save,
Join the new computer slaves.

My mobile plugs into my ear
Adds to my brain an extra gear.

Now I am an external drive
Am I dead or am I alive?

Connected to the Internet
It doesn't matter if I forget,
My memory's out there on the web
An eternal Cyberspace celeb.


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