Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sniffers Join the Smell Club

smell of stinking pair of socks uploaded to smell clubSince last December, an important milestone has been reached in the cyberworld and we are one step closer to a true virtual reality experience. From cooked rice to a used pair of stinking socks in summer, 160 different smells have been uploaded to the Smell Club, Nioibu (currently only in Japanese). The smells have also been geo-tagged using Google Maps, so geographic differences of a variety of smells will also be captured.

The club has so far 200 sniffing experts and more sniffers are expected to join after some publicity is achieved.

Unfortunately, you cannot smell the smells uploaded to the site, yet, but they are working on it. Will they succeed? Well, that will be the day. I am sure a lot of industries are anxiously waiting and hoping for the success of this venture.


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