Friday, December 19, 2008

Most Popular Searches of 2008

It is customary to compile a list of events when the New Year is near. As most of you know, Google makes a similar list of popular searches every year on a country by country basis. I have taken the liberty of picking the most interesting queries among them. Here they are:
  1. "my" from Australia - This is definitely my number one. When you don't have a mirror, what do you do? Yes, you ask Google.
  2. "qq" from China - It probably means something in Chinese; then again, it might not.
  3. "you" from Chile - Another intelligent search item. Were they talking to Google bot? It was also the number eight of the Colombians and number nine of the Spanish. I am beginning to suspect you is a nick for a new drug.
  4. "danmark" from Denmark - Apparently the Danish like to see how many times their country is indexed by the search engines.
  5. "google" from Germany - I have nothing to say.
  6. "hong kong" from Hong Kong - The Danish were not alone.
  7. "uomini e donne" from Italy - Long gone are the days when godfathers gave the children their names. There is now a new godfather in town: Google.
  8. "네이버" from South Korea - The most popular search. I have no idea what it means; your guess is as good as mine.
  9. "trademe" from New Zealand - I am curious, now. I will go have a look.
  10. "104" from Taiwan - At last, we are getting smarter. What could it be? A number, a class, a flight, a room, a superman?
This concludes my top 10 searches of the year. Happy searches for 2009!


Jolie said...

Thanks for the information!

lvs said...

This is hilarious! Did you make this up :)

Archiver said...

It is beyond my imagination to make it up :-)

lvs said...

I can entirely believe what you are saying ;-)

Intelligence Is A Curse said...

Funny! By the way "네이버" means Hangul which is the word for the Korean alphabet. I only know this because I use to live in Korea.

Archiver said...

Thanks for the info about Hangul. I was so bored while going through the list that I did not bother to look what it actually meant.

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